The “Be Bold” No-Essay Scholarship 2022

Be Bold No Essay Scholarship 2022

The scholarship platform is currently calling for application from students in all levels. This offer fondly called “the Be Bold No Essay Scholarship” is one of the most fascinating offers out there. Students who take the right steps to apply may be fortunate to secure this juicy scholarship.

One of the most amazing fact about the Scholarship platform is that there are always student funding opportunities all year round.

Let’s get to know more about this organization

What Is is an online scholarship platform and philanthropic organization. It’s dedicated to fighting student debt by offering scholarships, grants, and fellowships to offset the cost of a college education.

The website is designed to make it easy for donors to offer scholarships and students to apply for them. Scholarship awards are funded by a variety of donors (individuals and companies), and there are several awards offered by itself.

What Is the $25,000 Be Bold No Essay Scholarship?

The Be Bold No Essay Scholarship is an annual scholarship funded by One winner is chosen each year, and the money goes directly to the financial aid office of the winner’s college.

This particular award is given to the “boldest” applicant.’s scholarship panels use each applicant’s profile to determine who best meets the criteria of being bold. Additionally, candidates in earlier application windows are favored, so applying as soon as possible gives you a better chance of winning.

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How Much Is the Be Bold Scholarship Worth?

The Be Bold No Essay Scholarship is worth $25,000. It’s awarded every year, and the money goes directly to the recipient’s academic institution.

Who Is Eligible To Apply for Be Bold Scholarship?

Every student at any education level! The Be Bold No Essay Scholarship is open to all students regardless of their school, education level, field of study, and GPA. That means high school students, undergrads, graduate students, and even doctoral candidates are considered.

What Is the Evaluation Criteria? awards the Be Bold Scholarship to the applicant with the boldest profile. What does that mean? says bold means being

  • Earnest
  • Determined
  • Moving

These are the characteristics uses to choose a winner. Additionally, the organization believes another aspect of being bold is not procrastinating, so the selection process is designed to favor students who apply early.

Scholarsville’s Take

The Be Bold No Essay Scholarship is a legit award with unique eligibility criteria and a high payout for the winner. It’s funded by, which is a trustworthy website that has already given away over $360,000 in scholarships. Once you’ve made your profile on the site, you can also see and apply for many other legitimate scholarships exclusive to the site.

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How Hard Is the Application?

The Be Bold No Essay Scholarship has a nontraditional application process. You don’t need to write an essay, but you do need to create a personal profile on the site that stands out. If you are a self-motivated, determined person and are able to convey these aspects of yourself well in an online profile, the application is easy!

Before we take any further step to apply, I think it will be beneficial to know some tips.

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