How to Become a Stripper in 3 Easy Steps

How to Become a Stripper in 3 Easy Steps.

If you’re reading this post, then I’m certain you’re considering the option of becoming a stripper or you want to get a stripper job. This is not an easy decision to make due to the impending job hazards. But be that as it may, professional strippers make a lot of money and one need not be base or amoral to take up the job.

There are so many benefits and ramifications of the job, and your ability to get the right mentorship will distinguish you.

That been said, this article is designed to teach you how to become a stripper in 3 easy steps. But before we do that, we’d want to be sure you understand who a stripper really is.

Who is a stripper?

A stripper (also called a Striptease artiste) is a person who earns money by taking their clothes off in public, especially as part of a show. A Stripper or Striptease can be a male or female. Most strippers also take up acting roles.

How do you become a stripper?

The 3 steps you can take to become a stripper include:

Step #1. Search for Clubs you’d love to work for.

Step #2. Ask questions about work experience.

Step #3. Meet the Manager of the Club.

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Step #1. Search for Clubs you’d love to work for.

If you want to become a stripper, you should know one or two clubs with strippers in your town or city. It’s a good idea to take a week or two and go around town to scope out the places you’re considering auditioning for. Go incognito and grab a male friend, if possible; you need to get the feel for the atmosphere and the clientele before you dedicate your time there as an employee. If you see that a club is letting too many rules slip, go to another club. You do not want to work in a club where there could be harm done to the girls or they are not treated respectfully.

There are three different types of gentleman’s clubs:

If you want to learn how to become an exotic dancer, you should also know the three types of gentlemen club. They are:

#i. Upscale types. These types of clubs have dress codes and you are often expected to wear a long gown that falls somewhere between evening wear and lingerie. They often have high house fees and support staff that you are expected to tip out — generally speaking, an average of 10-20% of your total nightly income. These clubs are often filled with business men and city dwellers who prefer more upscale establishments, so expect to match their demographic (and spend lots of money) with gowns, rhinestone jewelry, and the whole nine yards. For the record, these clubs tend to be large in size and have a lot of entertainers working nightly.

#ii. Neighborhood Clubs. These types of clubs are a little more laid back and often attract locals or tourists, depending on the location. You can be a little more flexible with your costumes and themes at this type of establishment. This is usually a good place to start if you are new to dancing as well. Some of the clubs are located in industrial areas and others are like neighborhood bars with topless or nude entertainment.

#iii. Third tier or dive bars. These are usually located in very rural areas of town and often have less than average clientele. They are usually very lenient with the hiring process and attract a rougher crowd.

Step #2. Ask questions about work experience.

Once you do find a place you can see yourself working at, ask a girl about her experience working there. Do they charge to work there? Is tipping out required? (That’s where you give part of your earnings to the club/staff. If so, how much do you have to tip out? Forking over 50% of your cash every night probably isn’t worth it. Different clubs vary and can change nightly also.

If you’ve the time and interest, consider asking a couple girls their take on the work environment. The wider a sample you get, the more likely you are to get the truth.
And don’t forget to ask them where they buy their clothes!

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